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In Vaasa we will have two teams in small crisis. With Ilves it is expected to be in the bottom of the table, but in the case of VPS it is something else, something is not right when Vps is holding the last place of the league at the moment with zero points.

VPS is coming from Kotka, where they faced another promoted team KTP. There was not lot of faith in the home team in that game but Ktp continued of the streak of points in this game too, when the game ended 3-2. VPS has been known of their rock solid defense and accuracy of the counter attack game, but at this rate there is something really weird going on. With a good goalie, Sillanpää they should be able to play much better at the defense. According coach Huttunen the biggest problem has been unstable midfield, and there might be some truth in that, because there was lots of the movement, in and out, of the players after the last season. Also there has been lots of injuries and problems to gain playing permissions for some players. Now things should look brighter while Tony Björk is fit and Catovic’s permission is fine and he is ready to play. Batongo on the other hand is still waiting for he’s permission and in this week trainings there has been two slight injuries but Huttunen will not reveal those yet at this time. The biggest thing to concentrate is the special situations, corners, free kicks etc. Once again in last game all the three goals of KTP came from corner, free kick or the situation right after. VPS players should now keep their mind in the game a whole 90minutes, and not let the guard down when the whistle blows.

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Ilves at this moment is one place above of VPS with the One point what they got after 0-0 draw at home against KTP. In last game they lost 0-1 to Rops in the game where the home team had their chances too. Emenike, Mäkijärvi were gaining hope for Ilves to improve, they played good games and both were close to score also, you could almost say that they should have scored… From this game Ilves missed Aho(slight injury), Ojanperä(fever), Kujala(slight injury) and Hjelm(slight injury), who all are the players from starting eleven and the ones who should lead the game.

Mika Lahtinen, Jarkko Juuti and Eero Korte all played in the last game, so Ilves will improve when all the main players are fit. Still the biggest problem of Ilves is the material and when there is absences they will face some problems, no matter who are they playing against. At this point there is yet no confirmed misses, but if those main men’s who missed the Rops game five days ago were injured then, all of them most certainly can’t be in fullfit yet and that will give a huge advantage for VPS. At least Ojanperä should make comeback after fever/flu. Ilves will get better when the season continues, but the points they will take is going to be from home games, from the beautiful Tammela stadium.

This game if some game looks like under, but the odds (1.45) are way too low to play for. At this point I strongly belief that VPS must and will improve their game here and they will take the first win at the home in the lead of Juho Mäkelä, who started scoring in the last game. There is still risk for a draw, if Ilves will get all the guys on the field without any injury problems, but at this rate when home teams win is giving 1.75 it’s a worth of a game.

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