Second round of Finland’s Veikkausliiga and Sjk is hosting Rops from Rovaniemi. Game is played on turf, so it expected that we will have a fast tempo and lots of chances. The situation with teams is that both of them were disappointing after a first round. Sjk didn’t win Inter in away game and Rops lost clearly to HJK. Even tough Rops loosing to HJK was not surprise, but that they lost in Cup to Fc Inter as much as 7-3 is a bit surprising and that good form what they had at the winter, is somehow fading away at the moment.

SJK dominated the away game against Inter, but weren’t able to use their scoring chances as effective as they should, they had places to make the difference but still the game ended 1-1. Today at the seasons first home game they are going to the win with all they got, and with mayby the best fan crew they will be extra-boosted. Coach Valakari knows, that today they have to be more balanced and faster than last game, its not enough to just keeping the ball 90minutes, you have to make with it something also. They are prepared for Rops to push them hard, and trying to brake the game as much as they can to decrease the tempo that SJK is trying to keep up. The injury situation with SJK is Very good, there is only young Jesse Sarajarvi injured, so SJK will have a really strong team to line up in this game. Even tough SJK didn’t win their opener, their faith to their own thing hasnt gone away, vice versa they are focusing to make everything better and better and the players are committed to success.

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Rops is in a small crisis even tough that they aren’t admitting it, there is too much going on with the team at the same time in and out of the field. Their strong winter season is gone for a now, for this season they changed their tactics and started to play with 3 defender and two strikers, 3-5-2 formation. In the winter season it was going really well, but now in the recent games their defense has been awful, like that defeat to Inter 3-7 is showing. Of course there is not only the defense to blame, midfield hasn’t fulfill their potential, with that kind of lineup they should be much much better. Only Aleksandr Kokko has been good, to comparing that how much he has played so far. Also their first goalkeeper Tomer Chencisnk injured in the game against HJK, they were forced to search a new goalie while their number2 is too young and too in-experienced. They were able to sign Ville Iiskola, who played for Mypa last season, but the debut of his didn’t go well against Inter.. Also there has been something out side the field too. The one of the most talented players Mostagh “Mosa” Yaghoub caused some grey hairs to Rops coaching team. After Inter game, while he was benched Mosa reacted stupidly and wrote to Twitter something like this “F*ck this bulls*it, im sitting at the bench in a fu*ing ROPS. ANd i tought that after a summer i once again play in some bigger league approach”. Because of this some behavior coach Malinen was forced to keep a extra palaver with the team and tried to make things right. Of ourse Mosa understand that he did wrong and Malinen knows that some times young talented players might get frustrated if things go wrong. That accident can go in either way, if its goes good, Mosa and the whole team is full-fitted with fighting spirit and if its bad, they will be lacking of everything.

For this game is supposed that Rops is going to be aggressive and trying to brake the SJKs tempo-game, they are going to push and give a pressure right away when SJK gets a ball. But when SJK already knows this, and they didn’t had Cup game so they have had time to learn how to beat the hard pressure of Rops. Eventought here might be facing two of the best midfields at the league, I think that SJK still has an advantage because Rops game hasn’t found its way yet.

I strongly belief that SJK at home will be too strong for ROPS, specially if they are able to keep Kokko out of the scoring chances, but as the odds aren’t that good, im going with SJK over 1,5 even tough that Rops is focusing to defense after the 7-3 loose against Inter, but i really think that they cant change things so much in few days that they would be able to stop SJK from scoring at least two goals.

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