Through this article we want to pay tribute to the gaming company where winners are welcome. We are talking about the mythical betting company Pinnacle, which is a must for all players out there. Get a free account at Pinnacle – Always best odds here. We will tell you why and we promise you Pinnacle odds is the best odds.

Bookies restrict or ban successful players

Something that is not written much about is that betting companies have the ability to restrict or ban players whenever they want. They do not really need to tell us why because they have their terms on their side. If you google this, you’ll find several stories where betting companies shut down accounts because the customers win too much, or their efforts are limited significantly so that the player can not win big money. We therefore want to pay tribute to Pinnacle, which is truly the betting company that welcomes all winners. They have a policy that reads “We will never limit, discriminate or shut down accounts for successful players.”

Highest limits

Besides the fact that Pinnacle is known to never limit playing, it also offers the highest possible limits. This has been proven by accepting a $1 million stake in the 2014 World Cup final. This sum may seem to you to be totally irrelevant, we can understand, but it’s the attitude of action that matters. Pinnacle lets you as a player decide how much you want to bet. Even though you have a “max bet” on a match, Pinnacle allows you to play the same bet with the same “max bet” multiple times if you would like to do this. Pinnacle limits no one, either in terms of bet or winnings.

Arbitrage friendly

Arbitrage that is also commonly called safe odds is interesting to all players. You play the  odds against each other and get a guaranteed win. You take advantage of the different odds between the bookies to get a safe win. A lot of betting companies are actively working to counteract this by shutting down suspicious players. Pinnacle is unique when it comes to this. They do not discriminate and allow full arbitrage players.

Pinnacle odds – Always best odds

There is no betting company that offers as good odds as Pinnacle. The industry standard in odds is that the betting company adds a 6% margin on the odds, Pinnacle odds margin is only 2% in several markets, which means that you simply get better odds. Sometimes you find betting companies claiming their odds are better than Pinnacles. This is often wrong cause they have not taken into account fees or commissions deducted. Pinnacle also pays out most of all betting companies, no wonder given their high odds!

Beginners in betting

Most betting companies offer bonuses and free bets to make you a customer. Pinnacle has a different approach and has been committed to offering what is most important for a player now and in the long run. In summary, you can play for more at Pinnacle than anywhere else. They welcome arbitrage which makes the company unique. You get the best odds online with margins as low as 2%. And Pinnacle operates in over 200 countries and their reputation is the best in the industry. Google for yourself and you’ll realize how good Pinnacle is. Having an account with Pinnacle is a must for all players!

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