Mayweather – McGregor betting tips


Analysis and Mayweather – McGregor betting tips for the superfight! That Mayweather and McGregor would meet were long for only a dream for most. After months of rumors, it became apparent that on August 26th there will be a match in the boxing ring at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas. It will therefore become a pure boxing match with traditional boxing rules. Will UFC champ McGregor have an ounce chance against Mayweather who has won all his 49 professional matches in boxing? Probably not, but you never know when it comes to martial arts.

It has long been speculated how much they will earn on the farm. SEK 870 million each has been in force for some time, but Mayweather has now assumed that he will earn 2.4 billion kronor, ie 65 million kronor per minute! If the match goes to the conclusion. As Aftonbladet wrote about here.

The match itself is of course more entertainment and a “money-fight” for both than actual sports. Having said that, both of course want to win and there are several interesting facts to go through to find some nice odds for the match.


Floyd Mayweather celebrated his 40th birthday on February 24th. He is 11 years older than Conor McGregor, who recently became 29 years old. McGregor is thus at the top of his career, both age and performance. Mayweather, on the other hand, has stopped almost two years ago and may be a bit insane. He therefore makes comeback for this match. Even how serious Mayweather has been training and running, this can not be compared to having been properly matched.

McGregor is 173 cm tall, which means he has a height of 2.5 cm and a range of 5 cm. The importance is also to McGregor’s advantage with its 4 extrakilons.

In the UFC the gloves are significantly thinner than a pair of boxing gloves. This will have a big impact on the game. McGregor’s knockout power is going to fall sharply.
McGregor will need to beat awesome combinations to be able to punish Mayweather. He has shown he can do it in the UFC but never meets anyone with similar defensive skills that Mayweather has.

McGregor is one of the best pounds for the pound fighter throughout the MMA and would definitely destroy Mayweather in an MMA match, but that’s not what we’re talking about. Mayweather is the best boxer of his time and one of the greatest ever. McGregor has not been boxed professionally ever. This is a crazy game and all odds speak for Mayweather to win easily.

McGregor – Mayweather betting tips

Our game tip for the Super Match will be “match time to go”. McGregor’s habit of taking good luck with the UFC and his huge winger skull will never be hit by Mayweather. Mayweather, on the other hand, will win the match with a good margin on points.

You’ll see the match via live stream at Viaplays Pay Per View service here.


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