May 3rd, 2015 NHL Betting Tips


It’s so easy to write Ovechkin off. There are so many games where he just does not show up. And then you have things like yesterday – where he pulls off incredible moves such as that goal. Holy crap – the dude is falling over, and still manages to split the defense and score a wonderful goal.

The guy gives us goosebumps in ways you wouldn’t even think possible. Just amazing.

So it’s tied 1-1 in that series. And what a day yesterday for sports. That Spurs-Clippers game; wow. So tight and Griffin stepped up. Props to him – I just can’t see the Clippers going far though with such a lack of depth.

Then the Mayweather fight. What a hilarious mess that was from the PPV end of things; just a disaster. And it’s 2015 and boxing STILL hasn’t figured out that they need an undercard. Amazing. With Mayweather planning on retiring – man, is that sport ever screwed.

Tonight in NHL we’ve got 3 games. Let’s see what we got:

Lightning vs Habs Betting Tips:

Scott: The Habs scoring problems continued in the first game. It wasn’t until the third period that any goals were scored but they traded goals in the third and it took a period and 2 minutes of OT for the Lightning to come away with the win. I like the Habs in this one. Fatigue is going to haunt the Lightning after playing 7 games in round one and then another 4 plus periods in game one.
Habs Win for 1.80.

Graeme: Game 2 was a really tight game. Thrilling too. Honestly based on that game, I believe the teams are evenly matched. And when they’re evenly matched, you go with the better odds. There’s very slight value on Lightning 2.10.

Wild vs Blackhawk Betting Tips:

Scott: After jumping out to 3-0 lead, the Hawks let the Wild back into game one. They still won 4-3 but will need to find a way to hold a lead once they have one. Hawks at home again so I have to ride them where they haven’t lost yet during these playoffs. Hawks Win for 1.74

Graeme: I was hoping the Wild would have high odds on them, but 2.15 is useless. I’ll go with Over 5 as I think any game in this series could explode. Of course it could also be a goalie clinic – but the odds are in our favour for this one.

Flames vs Ducks Betting Tips:

Scott: Game one was all Ducks. I like the Flames to bounce back in this one and at least make it closer than the first game. But I still see the Ducks owning this game and the series. I hope I’m wrong here. Ducks in Regulation for 1.74.

Graeme: Until the Flames show they can hang with the Ducks, I’ll blindly bet the Ducks. Ducks in regulation.. Like Scott – I’d like to see the Flames bounce back.

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