May 13th, 2015 NHL Betting Tips


The Montreal Canadiens are out of the Stanley Cup playoffs and deservedly so. Despite 5 solid and tight games by the Habs, they came up short in Game 6. Tampa Bay dominated them, and the Habs seemed to have no answer for the speed of the Bolts.

It was a disappointing end for the Habs who just didn’t seem to be able to channel the energy they had from the previous two games. We briefly saw it when they went down 2-0, but they came out in the 3rd period resembling a deflated balloon. 3-0 down, they did manage to get one back – but if anything was the definition of a consolation goal – it was that one.

So now, there is one team left to go through to the conference finals. It will be the New York Rangers, or the Washington Capitals. Up 3-1 at one point, the Capitals are now tied 3-3 and have to go to New York to get the win.

The Capitals won here in Game 1, then took the Rangers to OT in Game 5 here.

Scott: After being up 3-1, the Caps let the Rangers back into this series and now it’s game 7. Rangers won the last two games but each game of the entire series has been won by a goal so this game is basically a coin flip. This is the 3rd time in the last 4 years that these teams have met in a game 7 with the Rangers winning the first 2. But with the Rangers and their recent playoff history and success of games going to game 7 I like their chances Rangers Win is my pick for this one.

Graeme: A goal with just 90 seconds left on the clock is one of the reasons these two teams are still here. If not for that goal by Kreider, the Habs would have shut the Rangers out, won 4-1 and moved on to the next game. That hurt them, but they still fought exceptionally well in Game 6 – albeit, coming from behind. I do think at this point the Rangers will win the series, but Washington are the sort of team who could really thrive on this game. It’s been a tight series, and I just think the Capitals at 2.50 at for Americans and for everyone else. is too high value. Value bet alone, I’ll go with the Capitals tonight.

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