AS someone who has been a regular contributor to the site for a good while now and has got to know many of you, some in person who have become good friends, I’m pleased to have been given the chance to post my goals tips.

I have seen some of the highs and lows betting brings to everyone but also witnessed the massive contributions many make to help others take on our mortal enemy … the bookies!

I was fortunate over the last few years to see my betting strategy pay off and also watched others adapt or simply use the same methods I use in backing the goals markets.

This site has gone from strength to strength through the contributions of so many people and the hard work from Mr F, Scott and the admin team along with the incredible knowledge and tips Johnb contributes day after day.

Used and followed correctly it’s a must for any punter looking for that extra bit help in making the journey to the pay-out window a more regular occurrence or simply hitting the “refresh balance” link to get the extra ££££s added to your accounts.

For someone who was extremely fortunate in his business and personal life, retired early, have three great kids and a brilliant grandson and met Hannah my partner and soulmate over 10 years ago my life was great until near the end of last year.

I had to virtually sit and watch Hannah and her family’s lives being torn apart when three very special people close to her became ill and despite having what appeared to be everything in life I felt hopeless as I could not stop the pain both she and her family were going through.

The personal details will remain that but after talking with Mr F I have been given an opportunity to contribute a bit more to this site and at the same time help two important charities who have played a big part in the lives of some of the people closest to me.

From Friday I will give one or two thoroughly researched goals tips on a new thread Mr F is creating. Due to the popularity and excellent admin set-up of the site we are going to have links to two charities where anyone at any time, if they wish, can donate any sum they like. I have chosen after speaking with Hannah.

A link will enable a donation to be made to MACMILLAN CANCER SUPPORT SCOTLAND and THE BRAIN TUMOUR CHARITY at Ninewells Hospital in Dundee.

Nobody is obliged to contribute but should we manage to regularly beat the bookies – which I believe we will – any donation will go towards these two charities who are making a massive difference in some people’s lives right now and working towards doing the same every single day in the future.

I will work to find winning bets for anyone who wants to follow and after that it is up to yourselves but any donation or contribution can go towards making a difference.

Please believe me this is very personal and there is no financial gain in it for anyone except the two charities.



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